What to Know about Smart Connected Speakers

When you begin upgrading your home stereo system, you may start seeing speakers that are smart connected. These are not your typical Bluetooth speakers. These speakers, like ones made by Bang and Olufsen and other companies, are connected to your smartphone or tablet. They have several features that your normal Bluetooth speakers do not. Here are some of those features and what you need to know about each one. 

Virtual Assistants

One of the key things to know about smart connected speakers is that many are connected to virtual assistant platforms. This means they can work like the speaker on your phone or tablet. If you have a virtual assistant, such as Alexa or Siri, then you can use your new home speakers to access those assistants in any room in the house. The connection is done through your wireless network and will work in the same way as your assistants work on your other devices. 

Multiroom Speakers

There are some upgraded speakers that can broadcast in multiple rooms through your smart device. This means you can play music or other audio from your smartphone and have it play through speakers in multiple rooms at once. You can also have apps for the speakers that allow you to go to your phone and choose which speakers play the music. In some situations, you can find speakers and apps that allow you to play different music in different rooms. For example, you can play nursery music in your infant's room and a podcast in the kitchen. All of this can be handled through the app and a smart connected speaker.

Smart Remote Speakers

One of the key things to keep in mind about smart connected speakers is that you can control them from your smart device. This means that if you have the app, you can control the speakers from one or multiple devices. As long as you have the app available, you can turn on speakers. You can also turn speakers off. You can adjust the volume. You can even set alarms for the speakers to start playing music at a specific time and turn off at a specific time. 

If you think a smart connected speaker may be ideal for your upgrades, contact your local stereo equipment and installation contractors. They can help you with the installation of Bang and Olufsen speakers or other speakers of your choice. They can also help integrate them into current systems if you would like to keep part of your current equipment.

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