Tips for Installing a TV Antenna on Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes are becoming more comfortable by the day. You can now enjoy reclining seats, open-plan kitchens and natural lighting in modern mobile homes such as RVs. But with all this comfort, can you enjoy your favourite TV shows inside your mobile home?

Signal quality has been a challenge for anyone on the road, primarily because most antennas are designed for permanent structures. The good news is that you can install your antenna to get the best available signal as you explore the beautiful countryside.

Start by purchasing the right type of antenna

Antenna design companies have long ignored owners of mobile homes. But recently, special antenna models have been introduced that are perfect for mobile homes. Why? Because they have excellent amplification, a portable design and weather-resistant properties. This means that rain or shine, you can still enjoy your favourite shows without constantly adjusting your reception.

There are both indoor and outdoor variants of mobile home antennas on the market. This gives you more options when looking for a model that suits your specific needs. Just make sure that the antenna has essential features you might need as someone who's frequently on the move: strong amplification, minimal wiring and stain-resistant components to withstand harsh weather.    

Know the relative direction of signal towers

You should also seek the help of a TV antenna professional to find out where local signal towers are located. Positioning your antenna towards these towers will help improve your signal even when far away from quality reception.

If you're travelling deep into the woods or away from buildings, consider using an external antenna and mounting it on a high point on the outer surface of your mobile home. Having the antenna visible over other landmarks will boost your TV signal while on the go.

Know that vegetation matters

Going camping in the woods with your RV? You don't have to miss the game or the latest episode of your favourite series. But to get good reception in your mobile home, you'll need to consider the effects of vegetation. Make sure tall trees and dense shrubs aren't blocking your RV's antenna. Also consider parking the vehicle in an area with lighter vegetation and fewer blocking structures.

Purchase the correct mounting hardware

Finally, don't forget to ensure that your antenna is installed tightly onto your mobile home. The mounting bracket should have a sturdy housing that can hold your antenna in place. Furthermore, it should be made from weather-resistant materials that don't easily rust.    

For more information, contact a TV antenna supplier.

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