How To Tell If Your Computer Is Acting At Full Capacity And What To Do About It

Computers are intricate machines that have a lot of components that can each age over time, leading to slower performance and a worse overall experience. That is why it is important to stay ahead of any decline in function so that you can get it fixed before your computer reaches the point of no return. While some computer repairs are obvious, others can be more insidious while being just as damaging. Here are three ways to tell if you need computer repairs in the near future.

Check All Systems Performance

If your computer is running a Windows operating system, then to access the system's performance diagnostic, you simply need to hold control, alt and delete, in that order, at the same time. Then click "Task Manager" from the options and ask for "More Options,"  and you will be presented with the "Performance" tab where you can see your computers CPU, memory, GPU and even things like your disk and WiFi performance. If any of these are topping out, then you need computer repairs to get them back into a healthy level. These are some of your computers core tools it uses to give you an easy to use interface, so if they are reaching capacity it means performance will be lowered.

Run A Memory Diagnostics Test

A memory diagnostic test will tell you if your RAM is overloading or malfunctioning in any way. This can be helpful if you are not able to complete tasks that you know your computers RAM can handle but isn't for some reason. Type "Run Memory Diagnostic Test" into your start menu (if you are running on Windows) and click start. Your computer will turn off, run the test and then reboot. Once that happens it will present you with its findings and, hopefully, tell you if anything is obviously wrong with your RAM and whether you need to replace one of your sticks of RAM with a new one.

Take Your Computer In For A Service

Computers are just like cars with regards to services. If you want your computer to stay healthily running for years to come, you need to be proactive about giving it regular services at a licenced computer repairs shop. These shops have tools that are much more advanced than any program you can run on your computer and can pinpoint issues that would take you weeks to find on your own. They also can spot a hardware problem quite easily, which can save you a lot of time and stress. A yearly check-up is always a good idea, particularly if your computer is on the older side. 

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