Top Benefits of Biometric Access Systems in an Organisation

The open plan design in modern workspaces calls for high-security, and biometric access control has proved to be the best in this regard. Unlike other access control systems, biometrics rely on an individual's biological attributes to authorise entry. Biometrics can scan fingerprints, facial, voice and iris attributes, among others. It might explain why biometrics is the preferred security system for highly sensitive areas in an organisation. However, there is more you can derive from a biometric access system. Read on.

Prevents Buddy Punching

Today, integrating an organisation's access control system with a human resource database is standard practice. It makes it easy to consolidate crucial data that a business can use to its advantage. Unfortunately, most access control systems are not good at preventing buddy punching, a nefarious practice costing companies thousands of staff-hours. Biometric access control systems help cut to through the clutter since it is perfect at sniffing out employees engaging in buddy punching. Since fingerprints are unique to an individual, an employee cannot clock in for a colleague. Consequently, it helps a business to maximise return on investment by eliminating intentional absenteeism.

Establish Accountability

There are few, if any, access control systems that directly impact corporate culture and employee attitude than biometrics. It can be attributed to the levels of accountability that biometric access systems offer in the workplace. Sadly, some employees never take responsibility for their actions, which can significantly affect employee relations. For instance, an access system that falls short on identifying an individual is unreliable in as far as accountability is concerned. Once an employee discovers a way to cheat such a system, they abandon all sense of accountability and act with disregard for company rules and regulations.

Biometric eliminates this by nurturing and promoting an accountability culture in the workplace. Since the system records each individual's biological attributes, it is easy to track cases of cheating, lying or stealing to the right perpetrator.

Environmentally Friendly

Wherever you turn today, you will find an initiative asking organisations to adopt environmentally friendly practices. Unfortunately, many people don't know that the access control system they choose directly impacts the environment. For instance, access cards are made from plastics, which aren't very environmentally friendly. Similarly, paper and pen time and attendance solutions contribute significantly to forest depletion. Biometric access control systems are considered a greener option. All you need to authorise access is your fingerprint—no plastics or papers are involved.

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