When did you last check your data cabling?

What is the most important part of your business infrastructure? You might think about your staff, your office or factory, or your business processes. You might also consider how you could function without your machinery or computers. The one thing that not too many people take into account when thinking about their critical systems is their data cabling. Your computers may help to drive your business but they cannot be effective unless they form part of a cabled network. It is really your data cabling that helps your employees communicate with each other and with your clients. If your data cabling isn't in peak condition, then your network could start to slow down, making your staff less productive and costing your business money. If the cabling deteriorates further it could even stop working entirely, taking your company systems down with it. To ensure that your data cabling is operating as it should, it is important to inspect and test it regularly.

Testing your data cabling

Testing your cables will be the responsibility of a qualified engineer who will have the appropriate equipment to look at each cable and ensure that it is operating exactly as it should. The first part of any data cabling test will always be a visual inspection to check that all of the expected cables are present and that the outlet terminations and cables fully comply with the specifications set down by the manufacturers. Only after a full visual inspection has been carried out will more in-depth tests be conducted to see how well each individual cable is performing and whether the system as a whole can cope with the demands which are being made on it.

Selecting your cable inspector

Data cable inspection is not a job that you can afford to trust to just anyone. The engineer will be examining every area of your cabling system, and if the person you choose is inexperienced or lacks the appropriate knowledge or qualifications they could end up making the situation far worse than it was before. You will need to find an experienced engineer who is able to demonstrate a track record of network problem-solving. Look for those who have built a portfolio of recommendations from happy clients over an extended period of time; this should give you confidence that they are capable of safely examining your network and rectifying any faults they may identify. Make sure to choose a professional inspector who can help you with your data cabling needs.

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