Steps You Need to Take Before Applying for Planning Permits

If you are working on a project that requires planning permits, and this is the first time you've faced this issue, you may think applying is the first step. The truth is, simply applying for the permits may not be ideal. There are some steps you will need to take in order to make sure you are getting the right permits and handling the process as easily as possible. Here are a few of the steps you need to take before applying for planning permits and what to know about each step. 

Determine Legalities 

You may have a project plan in mind, and there may be a permit for it. The problem is that there may be certain legal issues with the project depending on the size and exact location. This means that you may need special permits, including signatures from neighbors. You may also need to have council permission depending on the scope of the project as well. You will need to confirm the legalities of the area and make sure you have all the legal paperwork in place before applying for planning permits.


Once you have determined that you can legally move forward with the project, you will need to have surveying completed. This means having a survey crew step in and perform all of the survey measurements and contracting that are necessary under the parameters of the project. This paperwork, boundary lines and measurements will need to be given to some of the permit planning offices. They may ask for the basic survey information while others may ask for specific survey data, such as topography and drainage maps.

Planning Assessment

A key step that many people may skip in the permit planning and application process is with the assessment stage. One of the key points that can help you with your process, and to determine if you have any issues early on, is having a professional planning assessment. This can show if there will be any issues in the future, if there are any issues currently and how to go about overcoming these issues to arrive at the goal. It is an assessment of the failure or success of the plan and may be asked for during the application for planning permits. 

When you have taken the proper steps to prepare for applying for planning permits, contact your permit office. You can move forward through the steps and give them any necessary paperwork at this time. If you have any questions, the permit office can help you with the right paperwork, filing times, fees and any information you may need for timing and deadlines of your project. 

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