Spot the Enemy Within Before They Bring Your Business Down

Security for your business is no longer something you may go for; it's a must-have today. The type of security system you choose determines how safe your business stays throughout the year. You need to know that the enemies of your business aren't always strangers, but also some of those who work in various departments. Installing a CCTV system is among the most effective security system most churches, retail stores, schools, warehouses, offices, construction sites and homes use to boost safety. However, some of those who know why they need a CCTV system struggle with where to locate it. Here are the three best locations for your CCTV camera if you are determined to minimise risks in your business.

Rear Entrances, Back Alleys and Loading Docks

Most clever thieves will access business areas through the loading dock areas since they are a leeway for unauthorised business items. CCTV cameras in such areas provide the unobtrusive technique you need to monitor who is at the shipping and receiving zones and what they are doing there. Most large retail stores and restaurants have back doors their customers use to access the parking areas and alleys. Criminals also use these doors to access the money-handling areas and safes in the back office of your business. Installing CCTV cameras near the back doors helps your employees to monitor the movement of goods and record any forced-entry attempts.

Office and Workspace

You should monitor the conduct of the employees while on the job to avoid insecurity issues in your office and workspace. Place the CCTV systems near work areas to monitor every activity taking place throughout the facility or office. CCTV cameras will help you know when socialisation among your employees gets to be too much and curb it before it erodes productivity in your business. Install a CCTV system to know if the maintenance and cleaning crews that work after hours complete their job before they are paid.

Stock Room

If you own a retail store, the goods you have in your stock room are not only valuable but also attractive to criminals. You need a security system that monitors goings, comings and the removal of goods. This way, you reduce losses and minimise theft in a big way. Some of your employees could have been pilfering merchandise for a while now. However, a CCTV system will help you identify all those involved in stockroom theft and take the necessary measures before they disappear. A CCTV system doesn't only monitor who gains access to the stock room, but it also offers the safety your employees need while making stock runs in unseen and isolated areas.

The CCTV systems also monitor the POS transactions, cash registers and back offices to avoid money theft. The CCTV camera at the front door helps you monitor every visitor who comes to your business and analyse their intentions. Create a room where trained security experts can watch the CCTV system live.

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